Naruto: Remarkable Life Lessons

Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village who seeks for the acknowledgement of the people, because he dreams of becoming a Hokage someday. Back then he was considered as a threat and outcast because of he is a Jinchuriki or the Nine Tailed Fox is sealed inside of him. Because of that, he trained so hard for him to be strong enough and be the Hokage. He was teamed up with Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake- his teacher.

As the story goes on, Sasuke left the village and joined with Orochimaru so he can become strong and planning to get his revenge on his brother Itachi Uchiha- a member of Akatsuki because he is the one who killed the Uchiha clan. Naruto wanted to stop Sasuke but he couldn’t do anything. 2 and half years past after his training with his master, Jiraiya, Naruto continues his journey of becoming the Hokage, defeating the Akatsuki, Sasuke realized his wrong decisions, and decides to become a protector of the Hidden Leaf—both of them were entitled as a hero because they played the big role of defeating their enemies in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Watching anime is fun. We learn different and new things by watching it. Naruto was the anime I finished watching. Considering its fantastic characterters, epic and bizzare fight scenes, it also has remarkable life lessons.

Below are the examples of life lessons I couldn’t forget after watching Naruto:

1. Do not judge people’s actions and personality based on your own presumptions. Try understanding their perspective too.

– Judging people on the way they look and act, is just unethical. It doesn’t matter if they didn’t meet your standards of being pretty, it doesn’t matter if their grades is not 90. Bear in mind that we all have differences and that difference makes us a unique person. DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE.

2. Seeking revenge or vengeance cannot bring any justice, but chaos.

– It portrayed the story of Sasuke when he killed his brother Itachi. Because he didn’t know that Itachi killed his own clan is because the 3rd Hokage wanted to prevented the rising coup in the village, sparing his brotherSasuke and concealing the truth to him.

3. You shouldn’t use anyone for your selfish acts.

-Orochimaru wanted Sasuke’s body because he saw Itachi’s power making him be under the impression that he and Sasuke shares the same power.

4. Teachers are a great impact in your life, that’s why you should treat them with respect.

-Lee’s story, Naruto and Jiraiya’s story, Kakashi and Naruto’s story, Iruka and Naruto’s Story. Their bond with their teachers is just truly amazing. They respect them so much.

5. Do not brag your abilities to degrade people.

Before, Neji Hyuga was a rude genius who thinks that he is the best ninja in the world. He keeps telling Naruto, and Rock Lee that they are no match for him. But, ever since Naruto defeated him, he stopped being rude and changed the way how he treats Lee and Naruto.

In real life, this is relatable to those high headed smart people, just because you know different things, it should not be the reason why you brag. You might be surprised that someday they will catch up, and they will crack out of your ego.

6. War cannot bring any peace at all.

Pain wanted war because he wants to achive peace. He wants to bring justice, so he destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village. But Naruto made him changed his heart and accepts the reality that, war can only give to birth to another war.

If war gives birth to another war, then I think peace is not achievable.

7. Your friend/s can heal your broken heart caused by loneliness.

It shows the story of Gaara and Naruto. Naruto saved Gaara from loneliness. Gaasa had no friends and also considered as a threat because he is also a Jinchuriki and has the One Tailed Beast sealed inside of him, Naruto felt the same way Gaara does. Naruto did his best to save Gaara from his loneliness making them friends.

In life, we have those friends who cares for us. They will save us from loneliness. Cherish those friend/s who helps you, when you feel the blue. Always bear in mind that your friend/s will be there for you. Real friend/s will stay by your side and will not leave you until you feel better.

8. We should love our parents.

Naruto didn’t grew up having a mother and father. He never knew who they was, what they look like, nor experienced what is a parent’s love like, because they died sacrificing their lives when the Nine Tails attacked the Village. The only guradian Naruto had was the Third Hokage because The Fourth Hokage entrusted him Naruto before he died. The only time Naruto found out that his father was the Fourth Hokage is the time when the Nine Tails had taken over Naruto, and the time when he met his mother was when he was trying to control the Nine Tails. And again he met his reanimated father in the Fourth Great Ninja War fighting along side with him.

No matter how you think that no one loves you, keep in mind that parents’ love is uneding. Even though Naruto didn’t have a mother nor father still, when he met them he valued their presence even in a short period of time. Spending time with your parents is the best thing in the world, because, in life we cannot have another mother and father. Be thankful.

9. Be clear with your feelings.

There’s a huge difference on you have an affection towards the person and you love the person. At first Naruto isn’t clear with his feelings towards Hinata Hyuga, because he likes Sakura. But as time goes by he realized that the only person he wanted to spend his whole life is with Hinata. He and Hinata had a son—Boruto Uzumaki, and daughter—Himawari Uzumaki.

10. Care for your friends.

Naruto never gave up on Sasuke. No matter how Sasuke push Naruto away, Naruto keeps reaching out to his heart. He even risked his arm for him to come back. He did his best to bring him back to the Hidden Leaf because that was his long promise to Sakura. Not only for Sasuke but also in the war he saved his friends because he cares for them. His friends are important to him.

We have friends who are important to us. Cherish them. Love them. Spend time with them.

11. Don’t give up on your dreams.

Naruto is the epitome of those people who wanted success. His dream came true of being the Hokage. Despite the fact that his life is hard, he still moved forward, continuing to pursue his dream. He trained so hard, saved people, persevere, and never gave up. We can relate to Naruto because he shows that there is no shortcut toward success. We must thrive forward in order to achieve our goals.

“I never go back on my word. That’s my ninja way.”

He always say this because he believes that what you’ve started you have to finish it. Never give up until you acquire the things you want.

I hope you will watch Naruto and see these lessons for yourself! Thank you for reading!


A Greek Myth Avid Fan

     I read a lot of books, mostly love stories in Wattpad. Then when I was in 10th Grade my English teacher discuss the topic about Greek Mythology. At first, I was so bored but as we go on and dig deeper on the stories, I became so interested and amazed with it. This is the reason why I bought these books called PERCY JACKSON’S GREEK GODS AND GREEK HEROES. Reading this book is so fun, cause you will learn a lot from it. I never really thought of reading any books ever since cause I thought it was so boring, but here I am so yeah.

  Percy Jackson is a modern day demigod and he is telling you what do want to know about the gods, how did they live, when did the gods reign, who are their enemies and other interesting stuffs that will drive you so crazy reading it. The author, Rick Riordan is very witty. He sure has a sense of humor to catch a reader’s attention. You can undeniably understand what the book says. He made the characters so realistic. From the content, characters, use of language, adventures, phenomenons, the author made everything so spectacular.

greek h

greek g

The Greek Gods book has 404 pages in total, while the Greek Heroes has 516 pages. It’s so fun to read especially to those kids or adults who are interested in myths. Not only that but, you can also gain extra knowledge because the author uses a lot of words to expand the reader’s vocabulary. Helpful, because novels are taught inside the classrooms and sometimes teachers asks the student that they should read at least one book in a month. I suggest that Percy Jackson Greek Gods and Heroes is a great start and suitable for those who is  fond of this kind of genre. I bought the Greek Heroes last January and bought the Greek Gods last March. For the Greek Heroes I read it for a week cause I was so busy that time. Mostly I finish a book 1-3 days but when I have things to do, well it takes time for me to finish it. Also, for the Greek Gods I finished it up in 4 days.  I also play an audio book so I can clearly understand the book while reading it.

I love this book because it clearly:

  • states almost everything about the Gods, even though the author had twisted it to make it more appealing and fascinating to his readers.
  • states he adventures of the heroes are mentioned very well.
  • There is a picture attached in it which can be found in the middle part of the book.
  • Readers (like me) can easily understand the words being used.

But also there are “some” points that I don’t like in this book:

  • Other characters in the greek myths doesn’t have emphasis.
  • The picture can easily be ripped off if you’re not careful.
  • some parts of the story are a little bit brutal (tearing of tendons)

 Although it’s like that, I still appreciate Rick Riordan’s work. I commend him from doing such a remarkable novel. You can buy the book of Greek Heroes in bookstores like, FullyBooked, National Bookstore, and etc. Price range may vary depending on what bookstore you choose. In National Book Store the price of this book is ₱549.00 while the other one, the Greek Gods I bought it for ₱495.00. Having this books is a great gift. Because of this books I started reading many novels as I can. So I would say I will give this books a thumbs up and a rating of 5 stars.